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Customer Experience Management

Loyal customers are the core of every business, so keeping them happy is one of the biggest keys to success.

If your business or Organization is struggling to provide your clients a with high-level of support across multiple platforms, devices, locations, and operating systems, QualityKiosk offers solutions to streamline your Customer Care and service processes.

Does Your Customer Experience Strategy Cover All The Important Bases?

  • Differentiating the needs of enterprise application and mobile based end-users (Customers and Enterprise Users)
  • Device Form Factor Complexity, Operating System and Compatibility
  • Availability and Performance Over Varying Bandwidths, Across Geographies
  • Multimode Automated Escalations and Tier Break Diagnostics
  • Predictive Analytics Engine to Proactively Prevent Issues

How QualityKiosk Differentiates Themselves From Other Providers

Customer Experience Monitoring and Management (CXM) services by QualityKiosk helps monitor, analyze, prevent, predict, and report the experience of an end user – your customer – in real time.

Our enterprise, web, and mobile CXM solutions help you quickly identify issues and resolve problems in production environments before they disrupt critical services. Our unique solution identifies the specific user(s) impacted and detects the source of the issue.

Our Analytics Engine “learns” normal and expected behavior. The custom rules engine identifies complex emerging performance issues. This preventive Analytics Engine helps you avoid issues while your processes are in production.

Customer Experience Management Services | CXM Solutions | QualityKiosk

Our CXM Services

CXGuardianTM is our synthetic monitoring solution. This acts as an early warning and detection system. We continuously monitor your applications and perform actual transactions from an end-user perspective and alert the appropriate team as soon as an issue is identified or when thresholds are violated. The Alerts are escalated to the appropriate team/person via SMS, e-mail, and phone calls, where our technical consultants go above and beyond in assisting the client to troubleshoot and rectify the violation.

Customer Experience Management Services | CXM Solutions | QualityKiosk

  • Application Performance Management and Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Mobile App Monitoring
  • Tier Break Diagnostics
  • Transaction Management
  • Predictive Analytics

For more advanced configuration, our Tech Stack can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application.

  • Dynatrace
  • NewRelic
  • AppDynamics
  • Splunk
  • OpNet

QualityKiosk’s solutions help you manage the performance and availability of your applications. Quickly identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot the root cause of your application performance issues before they become problematic.

Application performance management solutions are designed to:

  • Improve the availability of applications by 60 to 90 percent with integrated analytics
  • Reduce the length and severity of outages and slowdowns by 50 percent or more
  • Troubleshoot the root cause of problems up to 90 percent faster
  • Be used as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premises solution
  • End-user experience management helps you understand how your application is performing from the user’s perspective
  • Transaction tracking so you can understand how the application is performing when an actual transaction is taking place
  • Diagnostics for root cause analysis of bottlenecks and performance degradations
  • Analytics to provide insight and help you manage dynamic trends
  • Discovery of application components in system environments

APM allows you to monitor, analyze, and report on transactions throughout your IT environment whether physical, virtual, mobile or in the cloud. This empowers you to quickly identify issues and resolve problems before they disrupt any of your mission-critical services. Built-in analytics “learn” normal behavior and automatically identify complex emerging performance issues, so you can avoid potential problems.

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CXGuardian – Be The First To Know

CXGuardian – Be The First To Know

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