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#FailProof Technology Trends in Transforming the Insurance Business

The evolving needs of the digital world demands you to innovate your brand’s offering – or lag your peers that do. Having tested and delivered 300 products in core applications and 1200 products across various channels in web applications and digital apps in the Far East market and Indian markets.
Our customized digital transformation initiatives excel at helping our clients reimagine their offerings for maximum ROI.

The Right Digital Solution for the Perfect Result!

QualityKiosk has been a pioneer in Digital Quality Assurance for over 21+ years and has its presence in over 25+ countries globally with zero rollbacks. With 120+ partnerships with BFSI clients and 2600+ engagements across various industries, our journey has been a testament to true Digital Transformation for our partners.

Adopting DevOps and Agile Methodology

Enables you to increase the velocity of your functions and operations.

Through constant studying of industry trends, we consistently improve our Digital Solutions

Through our Partner Ecosystem, we have envisioned becoming an Open Platform providing services through the aid of multiple technologies.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reach your target audience at the right time and increase your visibility to serve your customers digitally.

Moving towards Platform as a Service

Open platform, collaboration with Partner Ecosystem and multiple technologies.

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What makes us the Experts for Digital Expansion for the Insurance Sector?

Our 21+ years in the Insurance Industry helping over 450 insurance firms to start their journey on Digital Transformation has taught us the importance of adapting to the ever-changing environment. With this core belief at the center of our operations, we have been able to custom create a host of applications and products that are functional across various channels.

What makes our solutions work?

  • Reusable and customizable automation suite
  • DevOps- led continuous quality automation pipeline
  • Cloud-based mobile QA M1 platform with real devices
  • QATH – QK Proprietary LI business process and test case repository for quick turnaround
  • Robotic Test Automation (RTA) expertise using reusable assets
  • Open-source test Automation Framework for API, GUI, Mobile, and Partner Integration Quality Assurance
  • Expertise in scriptless automation
Journeys tracked
Global clients across
25+ countries
App Rollback
automation tests conducted over 20+ years


One-stop automation

Our services help you automate your digital workforce right from IT processes to Business operations, including inputs at every SDLC phase, productions, predictive analysis, and customer experience

End-To-End solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions right from pre-release to post-release and believes in taking complete ownership of its products. Our solutions are crafted to give you the best business solutions at every step of the way.

End-user feedback integration

During SDLC, we take into account the possible feedback from end-users to ensure better analytics and the scope for monitoring the customer journey thereof.



Unified solution for automated -Performance, Functional and Security testing to render uber Customer Experience and productivity gains.


Launch VMs within minutes and perform testing of Application with a unique on/off feature for the service. Simplify the application development and testing process.

Synthetic Monitoring

Website and server monitoring solution to stimulate visitor requests and test for performance, function and availability.


Keep track of investors’ transactions in mutual funds and enhance record maintenance.


Automate the various workflow processes such as data entry, predictive maintenance and sales support.

M1 Lab

Lab as a service platform for digital testing. Leverage quality and significantly improve end-customer experience.


Track key software application metrics using the software and telemetry data. Optimize service performances and response times while transforming user experience.

Performance Assurance

Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Functional Assurance

Ensure functional quality by taking a slice of the entire system and verify programs by checking against laid specifications.

Join hands with Tech Experts in the field of Insurance

Benefits of Partnering with Us

QualityKiosk brings in 21+ years of Quality Assurance and Automation expertise and customized solutions to meet your specific business needs.
We have grown our knowledge base exponentially through intensive testing, data analysis, and technology-agnostic test pack with over 1.5M+ test cases to refer to.

In-depth Insurance Understanding

Our 20+ years of understanding the changing dynamics of the insurance industry makes us the right choice for your Digital Transformation.

Complete Ecosystem Around Open Framework

Our test framework is made in a manner that fits all kinds of personas to help you get the best out of every asset involved.

High Reusability Quotient of IP Assets

We value our clients' resources and have developed reusable IP assets which do not burn a hole in their pockets.

Leveraging Cross-Domain Experience

Our association and presence across industries have helped us gain a comprehensive knowledge base. This helps us in creating unique offerings that are based on this cross-domain experience.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Intelligent Digital Solutions for Unique Problems

Stay ahead in the race to be the Best Insurance Provider with our Customized Digital Solutions.

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