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Digital Solutions that Open Doors for Advancement in the Telecom sector.

Reforming how the world communicates through Digital Transformation

Technology has been at the forefront of the transformation of the telecom industry in the past decade. To keep up with the ever-evolving industry standards and customer expectations, you need to replace your conventional operational methodologies with innovative technologies. With 20+ years of industry experience, we at QualityKiosk identify upcoming trends that will help businesses to develop Digital Transformative strategies to become future-ready.

How do we help you in creating the best consumer journey? 

  • E2E Mobile/Web testing & experience tracking from Mumbai, Dubai and Jakarta
  • Real-world conditions testing through automated execution
  • Deep analytics on the customer journey and real-time fixing of issues
  • Automated RCA and post-release feedback
  • Our operations in the U.S, APAC and the Far East bring you closer to your success

We have predominantly worked on diverse Automation Testing and Deployment projects in the APAC region. The fast-paced Middle East market has made us strive towards providing the best of our digital solutions.

What makes us Unique?

Pre-built Test Case Suite

Our Pre-built Test Case Suite is specifically designed for testing out-of-the-box functionalities that can help you improve your productivity, the quality of services and products offered.

Integrated Test Cases

We also have a comprehensive set of Integrated Test Cases across the major COTS apps used in the Telecom Industry.

How do we Strengthen the Telecom Network?

The growth of Telecom Industry will continue to evolve and accelerate with digital technologies. IoT and 5G are driving unprecedented Digital Transformation in the industry. At QualityKiosk, we have built deep functional and technical expertise to help our clients to succeed in their transformation journey.

  • E2E Mobile/Web Testing & Experience Tracking Platform on the Cloud Local Digital Labs in India (Mumbai), U.A.E. (Dubai), and Far-East (Jakarta)
  • Real-World Conditions Testing Automated execution of tests across any number/combination of real devices, browsers, OS & networks
  • Deep Analytics diagnose the lag of the customer journey impacting performance
  • Continuous/ real-time fixing of issues Automated RCA and post-release feedback
Journeys tracked
Global clients across
25+ countries
App Rollback
automation tests conducted over 20+ years

Expert Digital Solutions for Smart Businesses!

Local Site Testing

Our systems allow you to conduct informative tests on private or internal servers on any device.

Cross Browser Testing

You can launch any URL in any selected browser (Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera, UC-Browser).

Network Simulation Replicate

You can create a myriad of network conditions for Testing Mobile Apps.

Location Simulation

Our solutions allow you to geo-spoof locations, to test applications across the globe.

Running Appium Scripts

Our mobile testing platform is integrated with Appium script, which enables Automation Tests of mobile apps for both Android/iOS.

Object Spy

Spy on an element, find an element and perform actions to generate a test script.

Command Prompt Interface Device Tunnel

The interface helps to build Android or iOS apps and put them to test on a real device.



Launch VMs within minutes and perform testing of Application with a unique on/off feature for the service. Simplify the application development and testing process.

Synthetic Monitoring

Website and server monitoring solution to stimulate visitor requests and test for performance, function and availability.


Keep track of investors’ transactions in mutual funds and enhance record maintenance.


Automate the various workflow processes such as data entry, predictive maintenance and sales support.

M1 Lab

Lab as a service platform for digital testing. Leverage quality and significantly improve end-customer experience.


Track key software application metrics using the software and telemetry data. Optimize service performances and response times while transforming user experience.

Performance Assurance

Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Functional Assurance

Ensure functional quality by taking a slice of the entire system and verify programs by checking against laid specifications.

Join hands with Tech Experts in the field of Telecom

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Our technical, functional and insightful point of view has helped us become the experts of Telecom Digitization.
We offer value and operational expertise to build a future together with our clients.

Access Proven Testing Processes
Access to Standardized Templates
Our Practices align with Telecom Regulations
A Comprehensive set of Integrated Test Cases across the major COTS apps
Software Testing Solutions for Smarter Networks
Cross-functional support for the value chain of OSS/BSS, Order Management, Revenue Assurance, and Service Management
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Building a Strong Foundation for Telecommunication Networks!

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