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Modernizing the Pharmaceutical Industry with technology

Digitization has been the primary factor in revolutionizing the modern pharmaceutical industry. At QualityKiosk, we take client requirements earnestly. Our years of experience working with Pharmaceutical giants like Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Arcolab have given us immense knowledge about the processes of the Pharmaceutical industry and their challenges. This knowledge base has helped us come up with customized and targeted digital solutions — consumer-centric applications for telemedicine, teleconsultation, health-promoting applications, sales force applications, internal digital workspace applications, product quality review and much more. Some of the expert forays of Quality Kiosk that you can make use of:

  • QA Assessment Framework
  • QA Maturity Roadmap
  • Implementation of Quality Engineering Practices
  • YoY cost-benefit analysis

What makes us Unique?

Leading the path to smooth Digital Transformation for #FailProof growth! What makes us different from the competition is our zeal to maximize the growth potential of our clients. We work towards developing intelligent digital solutions to help make our clients the best in their respective industries. Some of the specialities that we have developed for our Pharmaceutical clients are:

Reusable test assets for standard ERP applications

We create reusable test assets for applications like SAP and Oracle, which can help our customers save time on documentation.

Reusable Automated CSV Process

Our CSV follows the principles of ALCOA principles that help in the following:

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Test Cycle Time Reduction
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Timeline Reduction
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Test Result Accuracy

What makes us one of the most trusted Digital Transformation Partners for Pharma Clients?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to conduct quality testing to validate their manufacturing processes. With extensive experience in digitization, we at QualityKiosk help you innovate and improve the following solutions that were once performed manually: 

  • Operational Qualification protocols: OQ can simply be defined as a series of tests that ensure equipment and its subsystems will operate within their specified limits consistently and dependably.
  • Performance Qualification: Ensuring the finished product meets all release requirements for functionality, safety and those procedures are effective and reproducible.
  • Computerized system validation process for GxP and non-GxP Applications: GxP application is a collection of regulations and quality guidelines that pharmaceutical manufacturers need to abide by to ensure their products meet certain standards, maintenance of quality during production, control, distribution, and storage.
  • Marketing Operations: The idea is to maintain a constant touchpoint with end consumers.
  • Teleconsultation Applications: To remove the hassle of physically meeting doctors
  • ERP solutions: To quicken the development of deployment processes.
  • Data analytics for improved, accurate decision-making.
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How can QualityKiosk help initiate your Digital Transformative Journey?

QualityKiosk holds an in-depth knowledge of the challenges of the Pharmaceutical Industry. With tunnel-focused digital solutions, we help our clients overcome their business obstacles. Achieve success and Y-o-Y growth through our specialized solutions:

  • E2E Automation implementation adhering to CSV Compliance process
  • Automation of 212 Tcodes including custom Tcodes in SAP
  • Modular Robotic Test automation approach with high exception handling capabilities for enhanced output
  • Implementation of DevSecOps practices for faster go-to-market
  • Strong focus on MFR (Master formula record)
  • Use of Shift Left Testing techniques
  • Provide consultation on implementation of QA best practices



Launch VMs within minutes and perform testing of Application with a unique on/off feature for the service. Simplify the application development and testing process.

Synthetic Monitoring

Website and server monitoring solution to stimulate visitor requests and test for performance, function and availability.


Keep track of investors’ transactions in mutual funds and enhance record maintenance.


Automate the various workflow processes such as data entry, predictive maintenance and sales support.

M1 Lab

Lab as a service platform for digital testing. Leverage quality and significantly improve end-customer experience.


Track key software application metrics using the software and telemetry data. Optimize service performances and response times while transforming user experience.

Performance Assurance

Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Functional Assurance

Ensure functional quality by taking a slice of the entire system and verify programs by checking against laid specifications.

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Benefits of Partnering with Us

QualityKiosk has been a pioneer in developing Automated Test Solutions for key Pharma clients. Paving the way for updated and advanced standards of operations.

In-depth Pharma Understanding

Our 20+ years of understanding the changing dynamics of the Pharma industry makes us the right choice for your digital transformation.

Complete Ecosystem Around Open Framework

Our working framework is made in a manner that fits all kinds of personas to help you get the best out of every asset involved.

High Reusability Quotient of IP Assets

We value our clients' resources and have developed reusable IP assets which do not burn a hole in their pockets.

Leveraging Cross-Domain Experience

Our association and presence across industries have helped us gain an ingrained knowledge base. This helps us create unique offerings that are based on this cross-domain experience.

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