QualityKiosk's AI-driven Overhaul of API Testing Delivers 100% Coverage and Faster Time to Market for a Leading Bank

In the banking industry, API testing is a challenge due to the intricate nature of financial transactions, with APIs handling multiple fields and frequent specification changes. Manually managing the extensive test cases becomes impractical, risking errors and delays that impact the efficiency of critical financial processes. 

QualityKiosk being a leader in the BFSI space transformed API testing for one of India’s largest banks by tackling the complexities of massive test case generation and frequent specification changes using AI. 

In this success story, learn how we harnessed the power of AI to automate the test case generation and integrated QRACE with the client’s API testing environment to standardize test case format for better alignment with existing processes, faster testing, and reduced human errors in test case creation. Our approach helped the bank to: 

  • Achieve 100% coverage of API elements, ensuring exhaustive testing and eliminating oversight   
  • Enhance speed and efficiency in test case execution for quicker issue identification and resolution 
  • Reduce administrative overhead and enhance the testing process with QRACE implementation 
  • Accelerate time to market for the bank’s products and services through streamlined API testing  

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