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#FailProof Digital Solutions for FoolProof Financial Services!

The Financial Services industry is plagued by uncertainty as customers are often hesitant due to the risks involved. Gaining their trust is a difficult feat for Financial Services providers. To reinforce your reliability, you need credibility and a proven track record that can assure the users—the kind that we at QualityKiosk have accumulated after 20+ years of industry experience. Working with clients like Tata Capital, Piramal, UGRO Capital, HDFC MF, L&T Financial Services, Fullerton, Chola Mandalam, and Oppo Payments, over the years QualityKiosk has gained an in-depth knowledge of the domain. These collaborations have also helped us build expertise in the lending domain.
Our Industry-leading QA Services are now available in the Middle East!
With our presence across several countries in APAC, advanced, Automated QA is now a new operational norm!
We are now present across several states in the U.S, helping enterprises re-imagine Customer Experience.

What makes us Unique?

A partnership with leading giants in the Financial Services sector has provided us the opportunity to hone our expertise and offer our clients the best digital solutions.

Knowledge repository of Test Assets

Test Assets for Financial Services like loans, payments, and readily available COPs.

Tool Agnostic Open Source Solution

To help with better Test Automation that can work with best practices around People, Processes, and Tools.

What makes our Financial Services Clients turn to us for their Digital Transformation?

We understand the changing needs of the Financial Services Industry and are always updated on new available technological developments to serve our clients better. Our experience with clients like Tata Capital, Piramal, UGRO Capital, HDFC MF, L&T Financial Services, Fullerton, Chola Mandalam, Oppo Payments has helped us build our core competencies, in turn, develop long-lasting partnerships.

We at QualityKiosk take pride in bringing the best offerings to you. The core competencies that allow us to create specialized digital solutions for our financial services clients are:

  • Robotic Test Automation Platform
  • Performance and Security Testing
  • Building Continuous Testing pipeline for running CI-CD pipeline or building a new one with DevSecOps 
  • QA for Shift Left with new-age skills like FST and early testing
Journeys tracked
Global clients across
25+ countries
App Rollback
automation tests conducted over 20+ years


One-stop automation

Our services help you Automate your Digital Workforce from IT Processes to Business Operations, including inputs at every SDLC phase, Productions, Predictive Analysis, and Customer Experience.

End-To-End solutions

QualityKiosk provides end-to-end solutions right from pre-release to post-release and assumes complete ownership of its products. Our solutions are crafted to give you the best business solutions every step of the way.

End-user feedback integration

During SDLC, we consider the possible feedback from end-users to ensure better analytics and the scope for monitoring the customer journey thereof.


M1 Lab

Lab as a service platform for digital testing. Leverage quality and significantly improve end-customer experience.

Synthetic Monitoring

Website and server monitoring solution to stimulate visitor requests and test for performance, function and availability.


Keep track of investors’ transactions in mutual funds and enhance record maintenance.


Automate the various workflow processes such as data entry, predictive maintenance and sales support.


Launch VMs within minutes and perform testing of Application with a unique on/off feature for the service. Simplify the application development and testing process.


Track key software application metrics using the software and telemetry data. Optimize service performances and response times while transforming user experience.

Performance Assurance

Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Functional Assurance

Ensure functional quality by taking a slice of the entire system and verify programs by checking against laid specifications.


Unified solution for automated -Performance, Functional and Security testing to render uber Customer Experience and productivity gains.


Enhance SDLC capabilities in terms of development and operations by visualizing bottlenecks that impede workflow.Precise KPI reporting and automated delivery of testing environments to increase agility.

Cloud Assurance

Ensure cloud quality amidst modernization processes such as data center transformation and cloud migration.


Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Join hands with Tech Experts in the field of Financial Services

Benefits of Partnering with Us

QualityKiosk has been partnering with leading Financial Services companies over the last two decades, delivering advanced digital solutions in various functions like Payments, Loans, Capital Market Investments, and more for a continued growth rate for our clients.


Digital Tools for Automation of Payments, deploy Data Security, and Governance.


Helping with Fraud Detection and Risk Management.

Mutual Funds

Effective Risk Management and Aversion wherever possible to ensure that your Customer's Investments are Protected.

Capital Markets

Strategies for Capital Market Investments and benchmarking.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Our #FailProof Digital Solutions help you get rid of your Problem areas with Ease.

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