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e-Commerce has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, with an influx of competition and the global market coming within easy reach. The digital security and quality control needs have also gone up by a few levels. What most brands look for today is customer delight to keep their target audience engaged.

Needless to say, the use of web and mobile apps has also become an integral part of the e-Commerce world. Be it shopping for apparel or house hunting, everything is just a click away. Our approach to competitive benchmarking and understanding of the ever-changing global business environment is what makes us the right choice for your e-Commerce business.

We represent the leading providers of automated QA in the Middle East. We also actively cater and have presence across several countries in APAC and the US, enabling us to provide exceptional customer experiences.

What makes us unique?

Competitive Benchmarking of Applications

Our approach to competitive benchmarking helps you identify the root cause of problem areas in your setup and formulate strategies accordingly to overcome the challenges.

A Strong QA Practice

QualityKiosk follows a strong QA practice to prevent defects and deliver customized products to the customers as per their requirements.

What made us the leaders in e-Commerce Digital Solutions?

Every e-Commerce company today is estimating its success through existing customer retention and satisfaction. The best customer experience could be to perceive how an online purchase for a required item is possible in fewer steps. We value our client relations and understand the dynamic needs of their global businesses. With competition levels being at an all-time high, there is a need for a unique approach to problem-solving. 

Our digital solutions take your business performances to a higher level through unrivaled applications, exceptional customer experiences, and quality affirmations.

The USPs that make us the best in the market are:

  • Unique test automation practices help for faster releases and better ROI
  • 70% Test cycle time reduction
  • 100% accuracy in Test results
  • 2 times velocity in the execution of Test Cases 
  • >50% reduction in time to market as compared to manual execution
Journeys tracked
Global clients across
25+ countries
App Rollback
automation tests conducted over 20+ years

How QualityKiosk paves the way for the successful Digital Transformation of an e-Commerce Business?

The fast-paced digitalization of the e-Commerce industry has inspired us to create unique solutions to help our clients overcome their challenges. Our in-house E2E Digital QA Platform was developed specifically to solve all the QA needs of our e-Commerce clients.

The Platform solves issues through:

  • Dev-Led Test Automation
  • API-Level Test Automation
  • Feature-Level Test Automation
  • Journey-Led Automation
  • Regression Automation
  • Early Performance Testing
  • Full Volume Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Optimum Product Search Facility
  • UI-UX standards and guidelines maintenance
  • Intuitive product landing & description page designs



Launch VMs within minutes and perform testing of Application with a unique on/off feature for the service. Simplify the application development and testing process.

Synthetic Monitoring

Website and server monitoring solution to stimulate visitor requests and test for performance, function and availability.


Keep track of investors’ transactions in mutual funds and enhance record maintenance.


Automate the various workflow processes such as data entry, predictive maintenance and sales support.

M1 Lab

Lab as a service platform for digital testing. Leverage quality and significantly improve end-customer experience.


Track key software application metrics using the software and telemetry data. Optimize service performances and response times while transforming user experience.

Performance Assurance

Harness the power of analytics by converting data into meaningful and actionable insights with the AI based platform.

Functional Assurance

Ensure functional quality by taking a slice of the entire system and verify programs by checking against laid specifications.

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