QualityKiosk’s AI-Powered Observability Helps Leading Indian Bank Enhance User Journeys across E-commerce Channels

It’s no secret that customer expectations have become a lynchpin to success in the digital landscape. Bain & Co. estimates that 58% of customers readily switch brands, seeking better experiences and reliable services. This shift in customer expectations underscores the significant impact of user experiences on the business’s bottom line.  

In line with the changing expectations, our client, a leading Indian bank, wanted to optimize customer and merchant journeys across the mobile and web applications of a leading e-commerce platform. The client intended to proactively eliminate any bottlenecks that can disrupt user journeys. To do so, the bank wanted to enhance customer credit card onboarding and merchant onboarding journeys. Additionally, they aimed to improve transaction processing reliability for both user categories across the popular e-commerce platform.   

Harnessing Anabot, QualityKiosk’s AIOps platform, we helped the bank to:  

  • Proactively enhance customer experiences 
  • Fast-track defect management
  • Eliminate recurring defects  
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into user journey   

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