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Deliver customized micro-insurance products and services through a variety of channels to benefit policyholders and insurers alike

Our Micro Insurance Solutions

Insurance as a sector is yet to penetrate fully into the developing countries due to the lack of financial knowledge and asset valuation challenges. The digital economy, however, has enabled insurers to introduce and operate many new microinsurance products aimed at the lower-income groups. Flexibilities in the regulations, further, allow insurers to cater to the general insurance needs of the customers with different packages and insurance covers for smaller premiums. 

We provide testing services for your cloud environment, web and mobile application testing, configurations, personalized insurance agent and customer portals, UX and UI, workflows deviations, microservices architecture, access control, and so on.

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Top Micro Insurance Features

Comprehensive testing

End-to-end testing regardless of the infrastructure environment, channel or device for precision and accuracy of the deployed solution.

Quick error rectification

Ease of identifying flaws through the life cycle of the micro insurance solution through automation testing.

Rapid development cycles

Accelerated release cycles for continual product improvements and make sure the designed insurance application is always up and secure.

Domain expertise

Our domain and industry expertise ensures your insurance application designed meets necessary performance, quality, durability, and reliability checks.

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