Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Centralize and Standardize Testing for Cost Efficiency, Coverage, and Speed 


About TCOE

Evolving customer requirements, increasing pressure to accelerate go-to-market, changing and diverse testing environments, and growing demand for new technology integrations have made quality assurance challenging for organizations. These, coupled with siloed, fragmented testing practices can make QA expensive, complex, and ineffective.  

QualityKiosk’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) enables you to simplify QA by centralizing and standardizing end-to-end testing across the organization. Our three-pronged approach focuses on optimizing the foundational elements of effective QA – people, processes, and technologies

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Top TCOE Features

Process Standardization

Testing policies and processes standardization across the organization to ensure best practices implementation.

Testing Automation

Accelerate quality assurance with testing automation while enhancing the scope, accuracy, and efficacy of the process.

Unified Testing

Centralized performance, functional, and non-functional testing ensures the entire application suite is tested comprehensively for reliability, stability, and performance.

Knowledge Repositories

Centralized repositories of test cases and their data enable cross-project shareability, reusability, and be used for reference.

Lean Regression

Reduced regression testing times with the lean regression testing model ensures effective and accelerated change and release management.

Centralized Resource Pool

Centralized resource pool streamlines sharing of resources to drive effective alignment of testing efforts with demand.

QA Metrics

Track and measure quality assurance efficiency with comprehensive testing metrics to calculate the ROI on QA and make data-driven decisions.

Streamlined Management for Multiple Test Environments

Timely infrastructure provisioning, effective capacity planning, and automated test environment management processes simplify multiple test environments management.

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