How to evaluate your progress with the SRE Maturity Model?

Do you want to adopt SRE in your organization or have you just started with the SRE implementation? Irrespective of what stage of SRE maturity curve your organization is in, you need to have a clear understanding of how to build a successful SRE team, how to measure your organization’s progress, and how to analyze […]

DevOps – Put Your Business on a Fastlane

Getting on the DevOps bandwagon is crucial now more than ever. Today, customer experience doesn’t just rest on the quality of your product but also on speed. How quickly can you deliver the customer’s expectations with an outstanding experience? To answer this literal billion-dollar question, organizations today need DevOps.Yes, at its core, DevOps is ‘merging […]

Top Testing Services Company By GoodFirms

QualityKiosk Technologies Is Gaining A Lot of Traction at GoodFirms for Delivering Software Testing Services   QualityKiosk Technologies is experienced in offering testing services to various companies. Their right approach and inordinate expertise in the firm have made them shine at GoodFirms as the top testing companies. Given below is the detail about the company and […]

Shift Left With Service Virtualization

In a world full of technological changes and disruption, speed to market is crucial for companies. Today, service virtualization is a buzzword because it enables QA and development teams faster and easy access to desirable test environments anywhere and anytime. Implementing service virtualization removes the need of setting the environment, enabling teams to deliver a […]

Preparing For Born Digital Future

Improving Quality of life is a value each of one us carries, and Digital technologies are one, if not the most fundamental drivers of this change in the current era. Our team at QualityKiosk has for the past two decades prioritized efforts to enable Digital Quality Engineering, as we pave way for a Born-Digital Future. […]

Digital Transformation: Let’s Get The Fundamentals In Place

In the current era where business cycles are rapidly transforming, and digitization being a common denominator the variables for success that we convey to our clients are more and more becoming acutely tied to their Business sustainability plans and not limited to operational metrics in routine. Within just one of our verticals – BFSI, With […]

What Makes Quality Assurance (QA) Essential In A Banking Blockchain?

“Even as the acceptance of blockchain as a reliable technology widens in the banking sector, software quality assurance will be a must to ensure these projects succeed“ Perceived to be used only for the trading of cryptocurrencies initially, the decentralized electronic ledger technology, popularly known as the blockchain, is being employed for multiple purposes by […]

5 Ways Customer Journey Analytics Is Disrupting The Marketplace

Surprisingly, 81% of the brands have a holistic overview of their customers, but only 37% of customers feel that their favorite brand understands them. That’s the experience gap you need to close by augmenting your analytics efforts to enhance the customer journey. For marketers who are not ready to come out of their shells, it’s […]