Democratizing Observability with AI: Transforming IT Operations for Self-Healing Systems

In today’s intricate digital landscape, the orchestration of even the most basic applications relies on a sophisticated network of distributed IT components. The advent of microservices, serverless computing, and Kubernetes has undoubtedly enhanced business agility and cost efficiencies. However, this evolution has simultaneously amplified the operational complexity of systems, presenting formidable challenges in security, performance, and business continuity management.

The Impact of Full-Stack Process Automation Engineering in an AI-Augmented Business World

The highly competitive Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector demands a data-driven approach to remain competitive. Automation, particularly full-stack process automation engineering, is, therefore, pivotal in enabling these organizations to thrive and remain a cut above the rest. This article explores the significance of full-stack process automation engineering and its impact on the BFSI […]

Gartner Recognition 2024

QualityKiosk recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Application Testing Services, Worldwide report in the Pure-Play Testing Service Providers category

A Market Guide for Application Testing Services worldwide was released by Gartner on 28 August 2023. In this guide, QualityKiosk was recognized as Representative Vendor in the Pure-Play Testing Service Providers category. Moreover, we believe that getting this acknowledgment for the second time in a row demonstrates how much we strive to stay ahead of […]

Practical Insights into Salesforce Testing for Business Optimization

Practical Insights into Salesforce Testing for Business Optimization

Salesforce: Where innovation meets complexity. This cloud-native platform ensures the quality and performance of your applications, meeting all your Enterprise Operations needs in one place. Salesforce’s success is deeply rooted in its low-code model, making app development faster and easier. However, the rapid pace of innovation demands scalable end-to-end testing, a challenge for many teams.  […]

Vivek Porwal

Abilities Over Experience: The Key to Leadership Building in the High-Tech World

In the dynamic and fast-paced digital age, the question of whether experience or abilities should be given more weight in leadership-building decisions is more relevant than ever. While experience is undoubtedly valuable, I argue that abilities often surpass experience in shaping successful leaders. In this opinion piece, I will explore the significance of abilities (or […]