QualityKiosk’s TCoE Empowers a Leading UAE Bank to Complete 32+ Digital Modernization Projects

Ad-hoc testing risks costly rework by letting defects slip through and can potentially hurt a business’s bottom line drastically. According to a research report by DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA), loss of developer productivity due to rework can cost small to medium-sized businesses upwards of US$4.7 million annually.

Our client, one of the top 10 largest banks in the UAE, wanted to modernize its IT to upgrade its systems, drive channel transformations, conduct cloud migrations, and develop CI/CD integrations within 4 years. With the bank dependent on ad-hoc project-specific quality assurance, the client realized the need for a scalable and cost-efficient quality engineering framework to achieve its goals.

Analyzing our client’s modernization and business goals, we helped them build a centralized Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), with shift-left quality assurance at its core. Our customized solution was tailored to enable the bank to accelerate transformation across its operational and innovation value chains. Harnessing the TCoE, the bank:

  • Completed 32+ Digital Modernization Projects  
  • Automated 50,000+ Test Cases  
  • Saved 75 Person-Months 
  • Centralized 150,000 Tests and more  
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