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There is no doubt that staying competitive and making sure that all QA requirements are met is of major importance to banking and financial institutions of all sizes. QualityKiosk is here to help local and regional banks, credit unions, and enterprise level banks assure their business objectives are met.

Business Challenges

  • Macro-economies, Regulatory and Compliance Uncertainty
  • Providing Superior Customer Experience
  • Disruptive Technology Enabled Changes in Consumer Behaviors
  • Complex Technology Landscape
  • Time for Quality Assurance Lifecycle and Bottlenecks Like UAT Business User Availability are Critical Factors

Typical Use-Cases

Banking Application Testing Solutions | QualityKiosk Technologies

Our Expertise

QualityKiosk is a leader in testing banking systems in the APAC, Middle East, and the Far East. Currently, we are engaged in conducting business with Top 25 banking companies in India and over 45 banking clients in the Middle East. Our team consists of over 500 functional banking domain experts and more than 150 performance engineering experts.

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Case Study – South Indian Bank

Case Study – South Indian Bank

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