In this era of information and digitalization, business objectives and markets are centered around customers. The digital economy has empowered customers with a bottomless pit of information to pick a product that gives them an amazing experience. This shift has inadvertently made quality one of the business tenets. From being considered an afterthought, quality assurance today is an indispensable trait to succeed in this post-consumerization world. 

Although businesses are keen to deliver high-quality products at great speed, the other side of the story is equally grim. You see, the advancement of technologies is adding to the complexity of applications. The greater the intricacies of the application, the more difficult it becomes for businesses to take care of application testing and quality management. The existing tech stack in the market for comprehensive quality assurance needs more flexibility, adaptability, and transparency. 

With a traditional quality assurance approach falling short of the pressing demands and needs of today’s market, it is time to adopt a modern quality engineering practice – Quality Engineering (QE). 

QE promises an integrated approach to meet the business goals of increased delivery velocity, smooth business continuity, and overall efficiency. 

Looking at the glaring gap in the market, QualityKiosk has curated an innovative QE methodology for enterprise-class digital application ecosystems. It comprises of five tenets: 

  1. Scalability 
  2. Reliability 
  3. Velocity 
  4. Device localization 
  5. Domain centricity 
Let’s understand these key principles of QualityKiosk’s QE offerings: 

Providing end-to-end experiences through digital applications requires keeping up pace with market dynamics. In their pursuit to build a scalable ecosystem that can handle enormous workloads, businesses rely on complementary services. Such a scenario makes automated testing tricky, opening your application to risks. This is where QK adds significant value. Its dynamic methodology assists you in scaling the digital application and all peripheral-dependent applications without any bottlenecks. 


While scalability is a highly desirable experience, it comes at the cost of application reliability. With businesses accommodating growing application complexity, reliability demands special attention. Although you may perform minimum reliability tests for critical functionalities, the load surge could start to crack your application. QK employs principles of reliability and chaos engineering. If your error budgets are violated in production, we will create a virtuous feedback mechanism back to pre-production on three fronts: development strategy, production strategy, and quality engineering strategy. 


In a traditional software development lifecycle, your customer would’ve moved on to something more intuitive by the time you ideate, develop, and release a feature. Your release velocity should be a defining differentiator in offering outstanding customer experience. While testing these new features may seem challenging, QE is explicitly designed to release quality functional features. QK furthers the shift left, automation-first approach for structural integrity by introducing quality measures earlier in the development process. With this proactivity, you can reduce test cycle time, increase coverage, and make your SDLC more agile. 

Device localization 

Quality assurance fails to understand the nuances of various complexities the way QE does. Identifying proper device metrics for seamless localization to cover a spectrum of devices, operating systems, and browsers is crucial for a seamless customer experience. Understanding the granularity and sensitivity of the comparison, and the areas to be compared are necessary to align with the current need for localization. While platforms like Google Labs and BrowserStack have tackled this issue, they have limited penetration in the Asian market of India. QK, however, has built a private device lab that complements standard mobile labs to increase device coverage here. 

Domain centricity 

For an industry that is under strict regulatory supervision, quality, and customer experience are paramount for banking and financial services companies. QK comes with domain experience of over two decades in BFSI, having developed knowledge and expertise in the end-to-end journey of an intricate banking ecosystem. Leveraging our vast experience, we designed a service that gives application quality warranty in production.  

Besides banking, our QE team of experts possesses diverse domain knowledge in insurance, telecom, eCommerce, pharma, and OTT. With the capability to create and implement a domain-centric QE strategy, we help you provide a seamless experience to your customers.  

To understand more about how our quality engineering services can help your business, you can connect with our experts by writing to us at [email protected]. 

About the Author
Gauraav Thakar 

Gauraav is a sales and marketing professional and a keen technology enthusiast. At QualityKiosk, he leads the new market & customer acquisition function and drives strategic initiatives. Prior to QualityKiosk, Gauraav has built marketing teams for EXILANT Technologies and Position2, played the role of a techno-functional consultant in the healthcare space with CSC and has interned with FCBUlka Advertising Agency. He holds a dual major in Marketing & Strategy from the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, and a mechanical engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, Silchar. Gauraav’s passions include motorcycling, traveling, public speaking, corporate training, reading, and theatre (performing).