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The automotive industry is one that holds numerous complex issues to contend with. Business solutions by QualityKiosk help automotive giants manage their business more effectively, so they derive more revenue and profit from their business activities.

Business Challenges

  • Critical Time-to-market and Cost Considerations
  • Operating Competitively
  • Complex Logistics Working With Vendors, Application Landscape, and Infrastructure
  • Delivering Seamless Customer Experience Across Teams and Service Lines
  • Vendor, Supplier, Partners and Dealer Network Management

Typical Use-Cases

Software Testing For Automotive Industry | QualityKiosk

Our Expertise

QualityKiosk has engaged with top automotive players in APAC and we have over 12 years of experience working in the automotive domain. Our diverse team includes over 500 functional assurance and more than 150 performance engineering experts.

Our digital lab is outfitted with over 500 devices for comprehensive QA testing.


QualityKiosk works with several top companies in the automotive industry, including Tata Motors and Toyota. This displays our dedication to providing QA excellence for all of our Automotive customers.

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Automotive IT Productivity CX Cost Saving Case Study

Automotive IT Productivity CX Cost Saving Case Study

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