Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Manage systems, solve problems, and automate your operations easily. Create scalable systems, ensure high reliability and greater sustainability

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Site Reliability Engineering is an engineering approach to IT operations. It leverages automation to mitigate manual tasks and solve problems while managing systems efficiently. Enterprises strike a healthy balance between releasing new features and ensuring they are reliable for users. SRE-IT Ops reduces much of the friction between development teams focusing on releasing new functions and operations team focusing on ensuring minimum outages.

Further, our data-driven insights, help you make informed decisions on the deployment of new features and reduce risks to acceptable levels. Improve the stability and performance of your services while maximizing innovation and mitigating risks by basing decisions on SLA metrics.

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Top SRE-IT OPS Features

Automate regular actions

Automate the large software systems in a scalable and sustainable manner. Transcend from manual interventions to reduce automation operational problems.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain comprehensive insights into your system before deploying features and functionalities. With actionable insights, risk can be reduced to acceptable levels.

Boost performance

Significantly improve the performance and stability of your services by mitigating friction between the development teams.

Maximize innovation

By using error budgets, you can continue to deploy new features and functionalities within acceptable levels of risk.


SRE-IT Ops from QualityKiosk focuses on delivering speed and agility across enterprises along with service reliability. It’s a crucial method to align business objective with technical and operations goals. Improve organizational reputation by minimizing site outages, reduce downtime and minimize costs. Let your organization flourish with customer trust conveyed through delivery of reliable, resilient, responsive and prompt services.


Our experts have created digital tools that help you with the automation of payments and provide data security and governance.


In the area of loans, our digital tools help you with fraud detection and help in risk management.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds come with a certain amount of risk attached to them. Our digital solutions allow room for effective risk management and aversion wherever possible to ensure that your customer's investments are protected.

Capital Markets

For better returns on capital market investments, our digital solutions help you strategize your moves. Amongst other functions, we also offer risk management, fraud detection, benchmarking and third party data protection.

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