Robotic Test Automation (RTA)

Robotic Test Automation (RTA) enhances the coverage, scope, and speed of an application by adopting the right automation implementation strategy

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About RTA Banking

Manual testing operations are riddled with errors and takes about 3-5 months on an average for the application launch. Our RTA Banking tool automates the testing process and reduces testing time significantly to less than a month. This ensures speed and better coverage for the application. Our Core-Flex resourcing model  cuts down the unnecessary cost for customers.

We have gained the reputation as a trusted testing partner over the past 21 years and we have been a part of many success stories in the banking domain including Al Mashrab Bank, Gulf Bank of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, IDFC First Bank, AIA Philam Life, RAK Bank, HDFC Bank, and so on. Other clients in sectors such as Telecom, Manufacturing, and Automation have also seen a staggering growth post RTA adoption.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Top RTA Features

Ensure bank's independence in automation

Banks need not depend upon vendors, i.e., QualityKiosk for running automation. This dependency is largely reduced with RTA implementation.

User friendly

An interactive platform that does not require any technical resources and can be easily understood by business users.

Tool Agnostic Platform

RTA banking can be easily integrated with any tool available in the market. It has no requirement for specific tools.


RTA banking can help leverage AI to speed up testing of banking applications and expand the curve of performance for your organization. Testing can be sped up and coverage scope significantly expanded with RTA Banking.


Our experts have created digital tools that help you with the automation of payments and provide data security and governance.


In the area of loans, our digital tools help you with fraud detection and help in risk management.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds come with a certain amount of risk attached to them. Our digital solutions allow room for effective risk management and aversion wherever possible to ensure that your customer's investments are protected.

Capital Markets

For better returns on capital market investments, our digital solutions help you strategize your moves. Amongst other functions, we also offer risk management, fraud detection, benchmarking and third party data protection.

Better than Competitors

20+ years of domain expertise
Standard testing time reduced to one month
Reduced software testing costs
Enhanced coverage

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