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Functional Assurance

If you are wondering if your software is behaving the way it is programmed to, Functional Assurance Testing answers your question in short order.

QualityKiosk offers functional assurance services for enterprise and digital domains. This service assures that your software or application behaves to specification and as intended for the end-user.

Functional Assurance Testing Services Company | QualityKiosk

How Are we Different From Other Companies

QualityKiosk delivers functional assurance using a combination of tested processes, technology, tools, and consulting services. We work diligently to assure that our solutions and services meet – or exceed – the expectations of our Clients.

  • Our experienced testing team understands quality assurance for vertical specific business workflows
  • QualityKiosk integrates multiple delivery, business, and vendor teams for superior test coverage
  • Early defect detection in the Quality Assurance life cycle
  • Extensive Test library and custom tools to accelerate time to market
  • Custom IP-based solutions enhance productivity, enable reuse, for a faster return on investment.
  • 15 years of development for Quality Assurance Processes and testing that works

Quality Assurance Platform (QAP)

Our Quality Assurance Platform empowers us to provide Enterprise Level Functional Assurance. We rely on our cutting-edge automation and technology framework consisting of test automation modules, test case library, QA tools, and expert consulting services to complete all tasks associated with Quality Assurance, to reduce client’s time-to-market.

Functional Assurance Testing Services Company | QualityKiosk

We offer clients the convenience of outcome driven pricing and are happy to take care of all QA needs. Our services allow you to relax knowing that all of your QA concerns will be met and handled in a professional manner.

Digital Lab

Functional Assurance in a Digital environment is challenging due to the wide variety of mobile and tablet devices in use today.

Functional Assurance Testing Services Company | QualityKiosk

QualityKiosk offers clients the use of state-of-the-art lab to test their software or applications using hundreds of testing combinations on over 500 mobile, tablet and wearable devices from all over the world.

We test for functionality, battery and memory usage, as well as numerous other factors to make sure your application delivers a smooth user experience. Our testing encompasses functionality and brand appearance from across browsers, devices, networks, and operating systems.

Our Functional Assurance Capabilities Include The Following:

True End-to-End Testing – We offer true end-to-end quality assurance services from Requirement Management, Validation, and Assurance Strategies to testing execution, with extensive reporting and management tools

Functionality Testing – Test and validate entire functions or specific components of your application or software product

System Integration Testing – We assess the functionality and performance of your product or application in an integrated environment using rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems

User Acceptance Testing – Make sure your product or application meets end-user functional and business requirements

Regression Testing – Validate every new release or update to make sure no new quality issues are being introduced

Extensive Reports: Detailed test metrics at the end of each test cycle

Functional Assurance Testing Services Company | QualityKiosk

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Functional Assurance
Case Study – Delighting The Digital Customer

Case Study – Delighting The Digital Customer

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