Digital Quality Office (DQO)

Digital Transformation and Consulting Framework for DevOps Acceleration

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About DQO (Digital Quality Office)

With customer experiences, regulations, and technology evolving at a historic pace, businesses need to adapt quickly to survive and thrive in today’s era of digital disruption. This is only possible by building software development frameworks that promote cross-team collaboration, enhance efficiencies, scale sustainably, and improve the overall robustness of the business.   

QualityKiosk’s Digital Quality Office (DQO) services framework enables businesses to develop agile frameworks that empower them to streamline software delivery lifecycle efficiencies and build customer-centric solutions at a faster pace. With over two decades of experience in DevOps and quality assurance, our extensive domain expertise helps businesses switch from reactive to proactive development and stay ahead of the changing technological curve.

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Top DQO Features

Agile Development and Governance

Implement industry-leading agile best practices to develop an SDLC framework that enables your business to innovate and scale sustainably and at pace.

Fail-Proof Your Application

With DQO, our expert QA specialists will help you at each step of the application development process to ensure that it meets the quality standards and eliminate critical defects that can lead to application failure or outages.

Embed Customer Feedback on the Go

With proactive testing and agile development, you can shorten the customer feedback loop and continuously integrate and roll out new features to meet their evolving expectations.

Meet Compliances and Manage Changes with Ease

With quality at the center of our framework, DQO enables businesses to seamlessly manage change management and meet the ever-evolving regulatory compliances.


Organizations can leverage AI to automate non-productive tasks and expand the performance curve of your industry. Business processes can be streamlined with DQO implementations across these industries


Our experts have created digital tools that help you with the automation of payments and provide data security and governance.


In the area of loans, our digital tools help you with fraud detection and help in risk management.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds come with a certain amount of risk attached to them. Our digital solutions allow room for effective risk management and aversion wherever possible to ensure that your customer's investments are protected.

Capital Markets

For better returns on capital market investments, our digital solutions help you strategize your moves. Amongst other functions, we also offer risk management, fraud detection, benchmarking and third party data protection.

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