Maneesh Jhawar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Maneesh Jhawar, an IIT Kanpur graduate, began his journey of fulfilling his vision of establishing a customer-centric approach to business and set up QualityKiosk in FY 2000-01. He understood the vast gap and the critical needs of enterprises in the field of software testing. His perseverance and emphasis on uncompromising high standards of governance, business practices, and constant innovation, have led to QualityKiosk’s growth over the last two decades and its reputation as the best in the industry.

In his extensive career spanning more than 26 years, he has established and nurtured a customer-centric approach to working in QualityKiosk. His approach focuses on identifying client’s challenges and making a positive impact on their businesses. Under his simple yet grand vision, QualityKiosk has grown to become the pioneer of futuristic technology, delivering the highest engineering and digital solutions for its clients globally.

Maneesh began his career at Procter and Gamble (P&G) in 1990, where his journey to do something extraordinary began with setting up a Toothpaste Manufacturing Facility for exports, in a record time frame. He went on to establish the Total Quality Management (TQM) Practice at P&G’s flagship manufacturing facility as well.

He also founded Maneesh Pipes, an EPC company for large water supply schemes and piping solutions. Currently, he is an investor and a member of the Advisory Board of three companies across Mobility, Data Analytics, and e-Commerce segments. He is also the President of MPM Trust, which runs one of the largest community centers in Navi Mumbai

Awards & Recognition
  • Times Power Man of the Year 2018
  • Maneesh is a B. Tech from IIT Kanpur. He has completed a program on ‘Transforming Professional Services Companies’ from the Harvard Business School.