Digital software testing – Cornerstone for #FailProof Digital Transformation


Software testing is no longer a backroom discipline. It is evolving to play a lead role in an organization’s journey towards #FailProof Digital Transformation. The move to digital has led to creation of multiple applications and systems which need to work cohesively to deliver the desired experience to consumers. In addition, new technologies like Block chain, IOT and AI are bringing new challenges and expanding the area of software testing.

The “Shift Left” approach is a normal. Now software quality assurance is moving beyond that to customer journey management, predictive and prescriptive operations and intelligent automation.

This e-Book explores how Software Testing is critical to an organization’s digital transformation journey and how organizations are using AI, ML and RPA to drive futuristic testing and deliver #FailProof performance, #FailProof Experience and #FailProof Resilience

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