Delivering Customer Experience Through Omni-channel Testing Capability

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Delivering continuous testing strategy with a dedicated continuous testing platform for mobile, connected devices including IoT

Experience Improvement
Pre-release performance testing; compare performance of store app with pre-release app

What is the production impact on actual user engagement including UI elements not responsive / working in tandem

Continuous Improvement

Help continuously fix issues with sub-optimally performing devices in real-time

Based on performance and impact analysis provide tuning recommendations including working with cross-functional teams to help them implement

Our Key Strategies

Dedicated Device Lab

Highly customizable platform that allows on demand workflow and user journey testing on mobile platforms with GUI based code-less automation

Real-time And Continuous Production Insights

Our click-stream analytics platforms delivers proactively on behavioral and performance impact on your apps on android and iOS

Integrated View

Manage the E2E (end to end) response metrics for your digital journeys including API response, customer tracking, application and network operations


180% Improvement In Customer Engagement On Retail Banking Application

Zero Showstopper Events For Mobile Users For New Application Release

240% Improvement In Time Taken To Complete Merchant Transaction Journeys On Application

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