CX And Customer Voice Based Testing

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Using Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics to identify the user stories to prioritize and address as part of our Digital Quality Assurance (DQA) platforms.

Customer Voice-12

Our Key Strategies

Business & Operational View

Test Customer transactional and engagement impact mapped to Business Requirements or management KPI that indicate success of the App for its users across UI interface, design feedback, issue breakdown, feature adoption etc

Outside - In

QualityKiosk will test provide analysis of the user experience threads including critical journey on similar apps including Competitive benchmarking landscape analysis. This analysis will provide insights into the channels wise performance metrics as well as user experience feedback analytics.


Understand capabilities of your Digital experience and provide As-Is view of journeys for your users and its impact on there customer experience. This will lead to CX experience journey breakdown and Gap analysis.



Proactive Definition Of Real User Impact And Reporting

Customer Event On Social Media Is Missed To Be Analyzed By Operational And Development Owners

Improvement In NPS – Net Promoter Score For That Application / Business Unit