Service:  Application Performance Management
Industry:  Telecom

The Largest Mobile Network Operator In Philippines Deploys Advance APM & Analytics To Increase Error Resolution Rate By 96%

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The leading telecom operator in the Philippines wanted to have a unified view of its new digital project to reduce MTTI and MTTR to the lowest. QualityKiosk deployed Advance APM & Analytics to help with the same. Here’s how ↓


Unavailability Of E2E Monitoring Dashboards

For ISG and NTG

Long Investigation Timelines

High MTTI and MTTR due to lack of unified view

Siloed Monitoring

Multiple tools to monitor multiple nodes

Lack Of Real-time Monitoring

Revenues, Channels, Journeys

Our Key Strategies

User Journey Mapping

in APM tool

Integration Of Multiple Tools

with Splunk

Contextual Data Stitching

in Splunk for business services

Unified Dashboards For Eliminating SILOS Preventive Alerting

Created the centralized repository for all the monitoring parameters

Successful Outcomes

96% Faster Detection Of Issues

Accelerated The Investigation Of Incidents By 56%

30% More Coverage In Visibility

Visibility Into Service Wise Revenues And Volumes

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