Service:  Synthetic Monitoring  
Industry:  Insurance

A Major Indian Life Insurance Player Improves Their Application Uptime By Deploying Synthetic Monitoring

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Digital assets are as good as the time they are available for the end customers to use. This Life Insurance player was struggling to keep its website live and bug free for the end users. Here’s how QualityKiosk’s Synthetic Monitoring ended their woes


Low Uptime

The customer portal & Buy Online journeys were clocking uptime of less than 95%

Latency In 3rd Party API's

API’s took over 5 secs to respond & uptime was less than 98%

No Visibility To Business On The Production Outages

faced by the digital channels

Lack Of Managed Service

No one was responsible for RCA of outages

Our Key Strategies

Client Side Analysis

to highlight component behaviours during failure & slowness

Integration With Thousand Eyes

to identify network level failures

Weekly Governance With The It Team

to discuss the bottlenecks identified

Monthly Governance With The Business Team

to show the improvements & new areas of Focus

Mapping Production Outages

with reduced or increased sales numbers.

Attacking 3rd Party Bottlenecks

to curb system slowness or outages

Successful Outcomes

Uptime For The Last 3 Months Consistently Above Their Peers

3 Areas Of Improvement Highlighted Every Month With Recommendations And Closure

Mapping Of The Complex It Team Architecture To Have Greater Collaboration Within Teams

MTTR Reduction From 60 Mins To 20 Mins

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