Service: Synthetic Monitoring
Industry:  Banking

A Premier Indonesian Bank Improves Its Mobile Application Availability via Proactive Synthetic Monitoring

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One of the premier banks in Indonesia was struggling with unplanned downtimes leading to huge revenue leaks. Here’s how QualityKiosk deployed Synthetic Monitoring to proactively report and manage failure points and increase the app’s overall availability to stop revenue leakages ↓


Unplanned Downtimes

Impacting the overall availability

Failure Identification

Application’s behaviour in the real world

Slow Pages

High responsive pages on the mobile app

Hazy Visibility

No clear visibility on failures for OTP SMS

Our Key Strategies

Proactive Alerting

Developed and deployed an escalation matrix for incident management

Recurrent Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly performance and availability report of the app


Top to Bottom Team Meetings to curb “Departmental Thinking”

Successful Outcomes

Increase in mobile application’s availability from 98.99% to 99.72% in a quarter

Reduction observed in no of failures for Top Up-flow

Customer ratings improved for the Android App from 3.3 to 3.6 out of 5

Proactive identification of failures before the end-user

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