Solution: Neo Banking    
Industry:  Banking

Role Of API In Revolutionizing Neo Banking Into Financial Powerhouses

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One of the premier private Indian banks was on its journey to extend the fintech arm. Here’s how QualityKiosk helped them enable FinTech based lending through an Open Banking Platform designed using Micro Service architecture


High Turnaround Time

Manual testing took its own individualistic sweet time

Environment Challenges

Different Environments to cater to different 3rd Party Integrations

Complex Eco-system

Multiple 3rd party API Integrations

API Integration Issues

Different rules for different APIs

High Manual Regression Efforts

Limitation of manual efforts

Delayed Response Time

3rd party Dependency resulting into delayed response times

Limited Coverage

Cascading limitation of Manual efforts

Right Skill Set

Difficulty to match the right skill set

Our Key Strategies

Unified Test Orchestrator
Modular And Call Chain Testing
Highly Scalable Devops Ready Automation Framework
Agile Delivery Approach
Domain Regulatory Accelerator
Team With Full Stack Skills

Successful Outcomes

40% Reduced Efforts

20% Faster Time To Market

Fully Automated Operations

ETB/NTB: Upto 15% Increase In Digital Sales

Improved Customer Service

Zero Post Production Issues

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