QualityKiosk implemented a Shift-Left approach with Behavior-Driven Development for a leading bank

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The leading bank faced challenges delivering high-quality applications within stringent timelines to capture the market. They aimed to adopt an agile software development and testing approach while ensuring robust user acceptance testing (UAT) to maximize business value. 



Accelerate the new application launch to meet customer demands and stay ahead of competitors. 

Critical Issues:

Minimize critical issues that could disrupt deployment or negatively impact customer experience. 


Enhance the reusability of test automation workflows to optimize efficiency and effort. 

Our Key Strategies

BDD Approach

Implemented shift-left testing with User Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) approach for comprehensive coverage.

Use Case Libraries

Developed tailored test scenarios for the applications and expedited test script development.

Use of Customizable Tools

Deployed customizable tools for flexibility in executing test scripts and effective test automation.

Shift-Left Release Strategy

Incorporated UAT early in the SDLC to identify and address potential issues and risks during deployment.

Business Outcomes


58% Improvement in New Application Launch

A substantial reduction in the new applications’ release time and quicker market capture. 


Mitigated Critical Issues  

Eliminated critical issues during deployment for smoother releases and enhanced customer trust. 


40%+ Reusable CT Automation Workflows

Minimized redundancy and testing cycles through reusable test automation workflows, scripts, and scenarios.

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