Service: Performance Assurance
Industry:  Banking

Cloud Based Performance Engineering Deployed For Largest Private Bank In India

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Here’s how our Performance Testing Engineers successfully performed the load testing for India’s largest Private Bank, within 2 days to ensure around 1,00,000 concurrent employees could connect to Webcast & get best virtual experience!


Mammoth Infrastructure

Deployment of mammoth infrastructure along with the required manpower

Limited Time

The webcast was supposed to go live in 2 days

Third-party Vendor

Dependability on the third-party vendor slowed down the process

Past Experience

Previous webcast had failed miserably, hence the responsibility to avoid another mishap was on QK’s shoulder

Our Key Strategies

Cloud Based Infrastructure

QualityKiosk deployed the Cloud based infrastructure through AWS to reduce the overall IT expense

In-House Automation Framework

We developed in-house automation framework to improve overall operational efficiency

200 Cloud-Based Machines

Procured 200 cloud-based machines to conduct a dry run to ensure that the official run is as smooth as possible

Successful Outcomes

75,000+ Concurrent Remote Employees

Seamless Virtual Experience

Compute Cost was Reduced by 50%

Business Efficiency increased by 66%

Test Execution Time reduced by 99%

Report preparation time reduced by 87%

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