Solution: Monitoring      
Industry: Telecom

Leading Telecom Player In Philippines Transforms Multiple Source Of Information Into 24/7 Single-pane-of-glass Visibility By Unified Monitoring

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This Philippino Telecom player was caught up with managing thousands of systems and servers across a multitude of hybrid environments, making it hard to spot issues that could impact customers. Here’s how QualityKiosk deployed a Data Centre Level Unified Dashboard to help the cause and received distinguished appreciation from the client on it:


Siloed Monitoring

9+ tools to monitor the telecom landscape

No Visibility On Incidents

Difficulties in identifying the impact and take corrective actions

Restricted Ability

Difficulties in effectively mapping the KPIs to critical service areas

No Proactive Service Management

This affected the MTTR drastically

Distributed Infrastructure

Low operational excellence due to distributed infra

No Real-time Data And Insights

Lack of proactive resolution

Our Key Strategies

Building Collectors

Consolidation of tool metrics in single platform for splunk

Logs Consolidation

Used splunk to get logs from IT landscape

User Journey Monitoring

Implemented UJM to maximise visibility & faster RCA

Source Pipeline Optimization

Implemented to ensure real time availability of key metrics

Single View Across Organization

Reduced blindspots by leveraging multiple monitoring tools

Proactive Monitoring

Established distributed search, alerting, and event correlation

Successful Outcomes

Reduced 20 monitoring screens to one

80% less time to detect incidents

50% faster system health reporting

40% fewer system-monitoring resources needed

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