Solution: DMS Testing     
Industry: Automotive

Leading Automotive Player Mitigates Festive Load On DMS Application With QualityKiosk’s Expertise

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Every Year during the Festive season, this leading automotive player had to shut down their Service & Parts module in their DMS to support their Sales which was overwhelming. Here’s how QualityKiosk came to their rescue:


Heavy Load On One Module

The sales module has to bear heavy loads annually

Force Closure Of Other Modules

Service and Parts module had to be closed to support Sales

Additional Infra Procurement

Additional hardware had to be arranged to manage the festival loads

Lack Of Process Documentation

There had been no learning from the past

Our Key Strategies

Workload Remodeling

Mapped morning & evening workload to emulate real use cases

Rectified Load Profile

Validation of E2E business process with minimal FTEs

Added BIP Reports

Ensured that the application sustained the additional load of reports along with OLTP

Hardware Benchmarking

Ensured the optimum use of existing hardware by application tuning

Successful Outcomes

Improvement in the application speed up to 90%

Upto 625% increase in daily transactions

Upto 61% improvement the application’s Success Ratio

Successfully simulated & tested the application to handle Festive season loads

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