Service: Synthetic Monitoring   
Industry: Financial Services

Leading Asset Management Company Increases Its Customer Retention Ratio By Deploying QualityKiosk’s Synthetic Monitoring

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One of the premier AMCs in India was unable to find the root cause of its falling customer retention ratio. Here’s how QualityKiosk’s Synthetic Monitoring came to thier rescue:


Frequent Website Downtime

The corporate website used to be down for unknown reasons

Incompatibility With Browsers

Few of their URLs weren’t accessible in lower browser version

Unstable Patch Releases

URLs/Journeys would break post a patch release

Poor Retention Ratio

Many end users would leave due to broken journeys

Our Key Strategies

Latency Detection On Penultimate Hop

Latency detection in the penultimate hop before the connection reached the AMC’s firewall.

Browser And Version Specific Monitoring

Recommendations were provided by client & network side analysis

Production Regression Post Deployment

Engaging in production regression prior to full fledged release

Retention Journey Traction

Proactive reporting of anomalies in the retention journey

Successful Outcomes

Consistent uptime of above 99.95% in retention journey

No issues in production since past 6 months

Compatibility achieved with all versions of browsers commonly used

Proactive information on the status of all journeys & URLs post patch movement

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