Service:  Robotic Process Automation
Industry:  OTT

Leading Indian OTT Vod Provider Collaborates With QualityKiosk To Provide Uninterrupted User Experience By Deploying Hyperautomation

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One of the largest Indian subscription VoD service providers, having more than 56 million monthly active users and content available in more than 12 different languages, wanted to provide uninterrupted User Experience. Here’s how QualityKiosk deployed HyperAutomation & Customer Experience Testing along with Ads and Integration Testing to automate real device testing across multiple devices and geographies:


Frequent Integration Issues

Due to limited Test coverage

Numerous Device Specific Issues

Due to testing performed only on few set of devices

Lack Of People Knowledge

On OTT Technology & Architecture

Inadequate Time

Available for testing due to the business needs of faster releases

Our Key Strategies

Hyper Automation Platform

To automate & test changes faster for daily releases

E2E User Journey Testing

That cuts across integrated applications

Service Virtualization And Stubs

For doing Payments testing across all modes in Pre Prod Env

Digital Device Platform

to ensure maximum test coverage across all ranges of devices.

Flexible Terms

Of device refresh and on demand local device test

Unified Dashboards

to provide real time stats on app usage and end user experience

Successful Outcomes

60% Reduction in Production Tickets related to Incidents reported by Customers or reviews on Playstore/Appstore

50% reduction in time to market as compared to manual execution timelines

Visibility in to device specific issues due to exhaustive coverage across 500+ devices

Owing to above parameters, the customer ratings for application has improved significantly

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