Digital Performance Assurance In Production

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Our performance engineering practice delivers continuous testing, integration, monitoring and deployment for the applications in production environment

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Early PT
  • Workload Analysis
  • Configuration Review
  • Defect Detention
  • Static Code Review
Data Led Journey testing
  • Code/Method level issues
  • Interface Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Obeya
Continuous Testing
  • Identify & Resolve Performance hotspots
  • Feedback into Testing
  • Fix + Revalidation
User Journey Analytics
  • Tracking End-user Journeys
  • Identifying Hotspots
  • 90 day production log Analysis
  • End-user pattern Analysis

Our Key Strategies

Domain Led Approach

Our over 20 years of experience in critical domains has helped us understand and deliver continuous intelligence around applications in production including real user business testing.

Experience First Approach

Tying up the loose ends with a key focus on a experience first approach allows us to focus on delivering business value first and improve overall digital performance management in an agile manner.

Data Science

Our data ingestion platforms help visualize the production environment to provide integrated operational and business intelligence.

Successful Outcomes

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Increased Coverage Of Digital Quality Assurance Scenarios

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Reduction In Go To Market Timelines For Scheduled Upgrades

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Reduction On Cost Of Service As Compared To Traditional Delivery Models

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