Automotive Giant's Cloud Journey: Achieving 20X Faster Adoption, 30% Cost Savings, and 2X Speedier Development

A prominent automotive manufacturer sought a strategic partner to facilitate its multi-cloud adoption journey, ensuring a smooth and consistent migration of its applications. The client chose to collaborate with BootLabs, an affiliate of QualityKiosk Technologies, for this endeavor. 

Through our platform-as-a-service approach, we successfully migrated over 150 applications within a year, effectively addressing governance and consistency challenges. This accomplishment was made possible by automating provisioning, compliance, and governance processes, establishing a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. 

The strategic transition led to remarkable outcomes: 

  • 20X acceleration in cloud adoption 
  • 30% cost optimization 
  • 2X faster application development 
  • Zero rollbacks 

This success story offers valuable insights into cloud migration strategies, cost optimization methods, and the significance of a robust platform for a successful cloud transformation. Please fill out the form to access the detailed report. 

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