Attaining SEBI's Technical Glitches Mandate Compliance: QualityKiosk's Empowerment of India's Largest Stockbroker

Discover how a leading Indian stockbroker, servicing over 3 million customers and executing 1 million daily trades, overcame capacity and operational hurdles amidst rapid market expansion. 

As the stockbroker’s influence surged, it encountered capacity constraints, operational risks, and technology challenges. The arrival of SEBI’s November 2022 circular, effective April 1, 2023, further mandated real-time monitoring and reporting of critical systems. 

QualityKiosk implemented comprehensive observability solutions for the stockbroker to excel: 

  • Rapid Rollout: Within weeks, Anabot was deployed for pivotal systems, aligning with SEBI’s timeline 
  • Smart Alerts: A sophisticated alert system identified potential glitches, ensuring swift resolutions 
  • Holistic Insights: Insights into performance from diverse data sources enhanced response time 

The QK-Stockbroker partnership yielded remarkable results: 

  • SEBI compliance was secured, mitigating audit risks and penalties. 
  • Observability fueled operations optimization and decision-making precision 
  • Swift implementation enabled client to operate seamlessly in a highly regulated sector 

Download the case study now to uncover how QualityKiosk can help you achieve SEBI’s Reporting Technical Glitch Readiness and operational excellence. 

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