Service:  Robotic Test Automation
Industry:   Pharma

Agile Test Automation - Leading Pharma Partners With QualityKiosk To Deliver 40% Improvement In Application Rollout

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QualityKiosk helped a leading pharmaceutical company in India to automate the complete CSV Process with a 40% improvement in Application Rollout time. Here’s our success story in the form of an infographic ↓


Personnel Dependency

Dependency on people for manually documenting the test results and artifacts in desired format

Multiple Change Requests

Frequent release changes and impact across application

Humongous Test Case Coverage

Repetitive test cases across the entire application landscape for every iteration

Meddlesome Compliances

Strict data integrity protocols based on ALCOA framework

Our Key Strategies

Modular And Script Less Automation

Modular and script less automation approach with exception handling

Automation Of TCODES

Automation of 212 Tcodes including Custom Tcodes in SAP

CSV Compliance

End to End Automation adhering to CSV Compliance process

Successful Outcomes

Test Cycle Time Reduction By Test Automation
Application Release Timeline Reduction
Accuracy In Test Results

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