A Leading Indian E-tailer Enhances Customer Experience Multifold Through End-to-end Payment Journey Monitoring

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The client is a market-leading eCommerce brand catering to over 2 million customers annually across India. It manages over 250,000 transactions every week, offering products across segments, including electronic goods, air conditioners, stationery supplies, kitchenware, lifestyle products, and e-books.


Lack of visibility in the potential bottlenecks and confusion areas in the purchase process

Need for analysis of CX and effectiveness of the transaction funnel

Inability to manage, monitor, and optimize the performance of their transaction journeys

Partial and siloed monitoring capability and growing payment failure instances

Our Key Strategies

Automatically created transaction profiles for every instance

Acquire network and response time to isolate issue areas and reduce service level disruptions

Help identify issues faster without dependence on multiple monitoring tools

Successful Outcomes

Increased sales and customer experience due to identified errors and fixed issues/ bottlenecks

Increased visibility into the payment lifecycle and reduced MTTI

Decreased the average MTTR from hours to minutes

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