Automate testing and reporting of your app's performance-related issues end to end

Launching your new mobile app to facilitate your customers is one side of the coin. Ensuring it performs as intended to achieve the desired outcome is the other side.

Your application will be accessed by users on multiple devices and platforms. How do you ensure that it will perform flawlessly in all these environments? How will you make sure that the app reacts when multiple users are logged on to the app server and request services?

COMprehensive Performance Assurance Solution a.k.a COMPAS is a bouquet of solutions that assists Performance Assurance teams in targeting specific problems plaguing the domain. It automates the performance testing process through execution, reporting and analysis to help improve user experience on your application.

  • End to end automation of test execution and reporting
  • Scalable architecture with agent-server model
  • Hardware monitoring-in-built to support major OSs Linux, AIX, Windows
  • Error reporting during load test

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