Neo Banking

Digitalize your banking through instant payment systems, intelligent automation, and insights while reducing operational costs

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Our Neo Banking Solutions

The banking ecosystem in India has undergone significant changes in the past few years and the role of API (Application Programming Interface) has been a significant one. It has been the force behind traditional banking institutions turning into financial powerhouses. The current banking system is riddled with several challenges from delayed response time to limited coverage, API integration issues, and a complex ecosystem. Neo Banking aims at setting this incongruousness right by leveraging technology and AI.

Neo Banks are financial institutions that do not have any physical branches and provide services to customers via apps that can be easily accessed through smartphones. We provide Neo Banking solutions for successful launch, services delivery, and operations of these new-age banking solutions, We support the tech-driven Neo Banks for exponential customer growth, increased user engagement, FinTech integrations, and regulatory compliance with DevSecOps.

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Top Synthetic Monitoring Features

Robust infrastructure

Our robust, scalable, and elastic infrastructure provide low entry cost, omnichannel banking, and reliable user experience.

Faster Time to Market

Our readily available accelerators allow multiple integrations and launch a minimal viable product quickly and efficiently with scope for future expansions.


Leverage innovative technology and Artificial Intelligence to offer a personalized service experience to customers while minimizing costs.

Proven Testing Framework

We offer functional testing for core and channels and non-functional testing for your Neo Bank’s security, performance, and A/B testing on multiple devices.

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