Proactive & Synthetic Monitoring

Automate the checks of critical user journeys and monitor application performance and availability related KPIs in real-time.

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About Synthetic Monitoring

Reduce downtime and improve customer experience with automated checks on application performance.

In this fast-paced digitized world, downtimes can cost you heavily in terms of reputation and customer trust. Walk into the world of last-mile monitoring with Synthetic Monitoring from QualityKiosk. The scope of Synthetic Monitoring includes, but is not limited, to conducting checks on critical customer journeys such as fund transfers, registrations/ deregistrations, API interactions, web services, mobile applications, specific URLs, and so on.

With our real-time dashboard QTRAC, customers can get access to real-time insights about the application’s health. Furthermore, customers can define their own escalation metrics, manage them, involve specialists, or hold alerts for exceptions for a specified time. Errors found are raised to the customers about user experience with the help of Bots.

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Top Synthetic Monitoring Features

Unique blend of human intelligence and AI

The platform makes use of human intelligence before alerting to suppress false alerts. Saves customers the pain of missing out on genuine alerts amidst the bombardment of false positives.

Two-way interaction

Apart from SMS and Email alerts, a technical support phone call is also made to get deeper insights into the issue and address customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Lead time for fixing issues

Unlike Application Performance Management (APM), Synthetic Monitoring alerts about downtimes and gives the organization an advantage in fixing issues in a timely manner, even in the absence of traffic.

Graded approach

To minimize user downtimes, CTOs can be involved if an issue fails to be resolved within the stipulated time.

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