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In the ever-changing world of digital products, one challenge stands out: ensuring top-notch quality. At QualityKiosk Technologies, we are your partners in creating digital solutions that blend cultures and shape an unbeatable digital future. 

We confront the diverse challenges of modern businesses head-on. We are not solely focused on Quality Engineering (QE) and digital transformation; we are dedicated to blending cultures and technologies to drive success. 

Cultural Fusion, Global Reach: With a presence across the US, Europe, APAC, the Middle East, and India, we embrace the power of diverse perspectives. The fusion of ideas within our global team is not just unique; it is our competitive edge.  

Shared Values Beyond Boundaries: Our core values surpass geographies and languages, creating an environment where collaboration and creativity flow freely. 

A Unified Journey: Together, we are not only embracing digital evolution; we are actively shaping it. Our journey transcends boundaries as we redefine digital excellence. 

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Our Proprietary Platforms

Comprehensive end-to-end QA automation platform to enhance innovation velocity, reduce time to market, and optimize customer experiences  

Make multi-cloud adoption simple and customizable, using a self-service model with cloud governance and infrastructure creation

Comprehensive unified platform for test design, test execution, report generation, analysis, and test cases storage to enable 2x faster identification of application performance bottlenecks

AI-driven data analytics platform providing actionable insights into business processes

Hear from Our Leaders

Hear from Our Leaders


QKU: Empowering Client’s Success Through Upskilling and Training

QualityKiosk University (QKU) serves as QualityKiosk’s educational arm, nurturing talent, upskilling resources on the latest automation and tech, and honing their abilities to address intricate digital challenges. Our training refines our workforce serving at client locations to be an invaluable asset for your projects. It contributes to your success by:

Measurable outcomes: Diverse training fuels creative problem-solving for effective outcomes 

Precise solutions: Enables application of solutions aligned perfectly with client goals and business

Increased efficiency: Seamless teamwork drives project excellence and client satisfaction 

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Thera Howell,

Head QA Delivery, Tata Digital

Nina Jerry,

Head QA Delivery, Tata Digital

Eunice Richard,

Head QA Delivery, Tata Digital

QK Drives a 50% Time-to-Market
Acceleration for a Premium Insurance Firm

Event: AIA Industry Day

QualityKiosk Technologies aims to lead in quality engineering and digital transformation services, prioritizing customer satisfaction through advanced technology. Our vision is to be a change maker by consistently delivering top-tier quality. We're committed to exceeding our clients' expectations.


Founder & CEO

Amalesh Mishra, Chief Growth Officer: At QualityKiosk, our sales approach is customer centric. We don't sell services; we provide customized solutions that address each client's unique needs. Our goal is to build long-term technology partnerships and help clients thrive in the digital era.


Chief Growth Officer

Automate frequently asked questions and seamlessly connect people to a human when necessary using Facebook Inbox or other platforms.