Do Appless Banking The Right Way!

Transition to Appless Banking with Zero Production Issues

In the new App-less phase of banking, customers expect seamless, personalized service on a “whenever” and “wherever” basis. It refers to reducing the dependency of transactions on banking applications.

Enabled by delivering multi-domain business use-cases in an agile way, App-less banking platforms integrate data, applications and channels seamlessly, allowing banks to deliver multiple micro-experiences over various channels like SMS and WhatsApp. It is an amalgamation of omni-channel banking, conversational banking and chatbot-based banking.

The newer AI enabled Appless channels are aimed to be faster, convenient, and secure for customer engagement. Nevertheless, they come with their own set of challenges which may become major causes of customer frustration and potential revenue leakage points.

With QualityKiosk as your Quality partner, maintain superior Customer Experience 24 X 7 with zero CX breakage points on your Appless channel.


Cutting Edge Automation
Machine-based process automation leveraging AI to redefine how the enterprise works
Competitive Benchmarking

Keeping your enterprise up to date with apple to apple comparison

Domain Library

Leveraging our 20+ years of expertise of working with Banks all over the world

API Orchestration Factory

Enable your Enterprise with Top-Tier Integration Capability

Continuous Testing

Evaluating the channel quality at every node by testing early and testing often

Application Lifecycle Integration

Taking control of people, tools, and processes that manage the life cycle of the applications from conception to end

Transition To Appless Banking With Zero Production Issues | QualityKiosk Technologies

Maintain superior Customer Experience 24 X 7 with zero CX breakage points on your Appless channel.