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QualityKiosk Reduces Testing Time by 70% for a Global Automotive Company with TCoE

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One of the leading India-based multinational automotive brands was struggling with extended testing timelines and quality assurance costs for its web and mobile applications. Leveraging its extensive digital quality and performance assurance, QualityKiosk enabled the automotive company to set up a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) to centralize and standardize the QA process across the various projects ongoing in the organization. 


Lack of Testing Documentation

Unstructured testing frameworks and business change requirements management created loopholes in quality checks 

Manual Test Reporting

Excel-based test reporting was hard to analyze and resulted in unsatisfactory dealer experiences  

Siloed Testing

Testing modules in standalone environments for web and mobile application suites were prone to failure during integration 

Extended Testing Timelines

Lack of a robust quality assurance framework gradually equaled the time taken for testing to the time spent on development 

Increasing QA Costs

Quality assurance software licensing was becoming expensive although the scope of work was increasing 

Production Defects

Constant production defects in the mobile application due to server and network failures were hindering business continuity 

Our Key Strategies

Implemented the following strategies as a part of establishing a centralized test center of excellence to standardize end-to-end testing across the organization: 

Requirement and Change Management Documentation

Created processes to effectively collect and document testing requirements in the form of requirement traceability matrices and BPMLs

Testing Automation

Introduced testing automation leveraging our proprietary framework to accelerate quality assurance while increasing the scope, accuracy, and efficacy of the process

Unified Testing

Integrated function and performance testing of modules to cover the entire application suite with a quality check filter

Proactive Monitoring in Production

We deployed synthetic monitoring in the mobile application production environment to proactively detect and eliminate issues that can hamper end-user or dealership experiences

Successful Outcomes

70% reduction in testing timelines 

40% increase in the scope of testing 

25% reduction in QA costs 

30% decrease in effort required to prepare for future releases 

40% increase in profitability 

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