Service:  Application Performance Management
Industry:   Banking

Major Forex Bank Saves 99% Of Monitoring Effort By Deploying Advanced APM And Unified Application Monitoring

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A major foreign exchange bank in the APAC region wanted to Build a platform which would provide all in one advance monitoring and meaningful insights to identify the issues before its impact to customers. QualityKiosk deployed Advance APM and Unified Application Monitoring systems to improve the application availability and reduce the potential revenue loss. Here’s how ↓


Hazy Application Landscape

No clear understanding on application landscape

Multiple Monitoring Tools

6 desperate tools and silo monitoring

Multiple Incidents

More than 16000 alerts per week

Low Visibility

Very less visibility in terms of application monitoring


Very high mean time to identify issues


No proper monitoring causing high mean time to resolve issues

Our Key Strategies

Unified Monitoring

Implemented Unified monitoring by providing unified dashboards and unified alerts

Reconfiguration Of Monitoring Tools

We reset existing monitoring tools configuration

E2E Application Monitoring

Improved application visibility by adding E2E application monitoring

Centralized Repository

Created the centralized repository for all the monitoring parameters

Successful Outcomes

99% reduction in monitoring tool alerts

57% point improvement in monitoring coverage

Business critical transaction availability improved to 99.9%

Mean time to resolve the issues came under 30 mins

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