Service:  Robotic Test Automation
Industry:  Financial Services

Digital Lender Saves 95% Of Execution Time With 100% Accuracy Through Robotic Test Automation

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Hailed as India’s largest digital lender, this client of ours had to swiftly comply with RBI’s unexpected mandate to reverse EMI Part Payments for over 9000 customers within a week amid COVID situation. Here’s how QualityKiosk superseded the client’s expectations and reduced 300 hours of execution time to just 14 hours!


Volume Of Transaction

Over 9000 transactions had to be processed manually

Limited Workforce

Less than 25% of the workforce was allowed on premises

Humongous Test Case Coverage

Repetitive test cases across the entire application landscape for every iteration

Stringent Timelines

The project had to be completed within a week during Covid lockdown

Our Key Strategies

Intelligent Process Automation

Developed an in-house automation framework

Elimination Of Manual Intervention

Reduced personnel dependency by automation

Future Proofing

Reusable solution for any similar requirements in future

Enhanced Coverage

Ran 6-7 bots concurrently to enhance the coverage

Successful Outcomes

9000 EMI Reversals

TAT Reduction by 36 Days

100% Error Free

Reusable Solution

Delighted Client

High User Satisfaction

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