Solution: IT Ops Automation     
Industry: Banking

QualityKiosk Deploys A Unified Dashboard To Monitor The Entire IT OPS Gamut For An Indian Banking Giant

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An Indian banking giant wanted to have a unified view for all the important infrastructure performance metrics taken from different sources. Here’s how QualityKiosk deployed a Data Centre Level Unified Dashboard to help the cause:


No Single View

Top Management did not have a single source of information

Multitude Of Tools

Data had to be accessed from different tools for Performance issues

Latency In Issue Identification

There was high Mean Time to Identify

Lack Of Transparency

The teams worked in Silos with minimal transparency

Our Key Strategies

Building Collectors

Data was collected from different sources via these collectors

Creation Of Data Lake

Created a single data repository

Unified Dashboard

Tested all the versions prior to going live

Proactive Alerting

Alarms were raised in case of a threshold breach

Successful Outcomes

50% reduction in problem identification & communication

Dashboard displayed on TV panels in the data centre for the support team to view.

Dashboard access to the Top management

40% fewer system-monitoring resources needed

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