A Leading African Multinational Bank Enhances Customer Satisfaction by 80% with QualityKiosk's CX Monitoring and Assessment Solution

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One of the largest African multinational banks, offering personal, business, private, and corporate banking services, wanted to optimize its new digital application’s performance and user journeys for its millions of customers.


Need for Performance and CX Insights

Required visibility into current performance and customer experience metrics to identify optimization areas.

Unavailability of Specialized Resources (IT)

Needed expert resources for application performance, UX, business performance mapping, data analysis, quality assurance, and user journey monitoring

Platform-specific Testing

Aimed for consistent UX across major mobile and web platforms, necessitating testing of complex user journeys and timely issue resolution.

Our Key Strategies

CX Baselining

Analyzed customer user journeys to improve application performance and CX, enhancing customer engagement.

Omnichannel Testing

Tested the application on real devices to optimize performance and ensure consistent experiences across digital channels.

Design Framework

Created a design framework to address pain points, benchmark performance, analyze features, improve UX metrics, and boost customer satisfaction, conversions, and engagement.

Successful Outcomes


Enhanced customer satisfaction rates of over 80%


Increased transaction speeds and success rates


Enhanced ease of navigation


Improved end-user issue resolution rate

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