Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Migrate to a fail-proof QA and leaner testing state with QualityKiosk’s TCoE

Delivering robust software efficiently and on time to the customer is always challenging for testing teams. Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a set of QA processes, practices, and frameworks that centralize, automate, and standardize testing services within the organization.

TCoE brings together key performance indicators, tools, and software testers to enrich manual testing productivity and improve outcomes’ quality. Establishing TCoE helps your organization achieve higher QA maturity levels, scalability, and robustness of your testing function.

QualityKiosk Technologies has more than 22 years of experience in software testing services delivery, helping global clientele maximize benefits from their QA investments.

Our TCoE implementation streamlines your testing processes and accelerates the testing life cycle by:

  • Improving application quality and subsequent releases
  • Reducing testing preparation for future releases by 30%
  • Decreasing testing timelines by 70%
  • Optimizing resource utilization and investments by 50%
  • Increasing testing scope and coverage by 40%
  • Enabling fast and frequent application releases
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